Thema: Freiwilligenarbeit: Erfahrungen/Tipps für Argentinien?  (Gelesen 1973 mal)


« am: 19. Dezember 2011, 20:58 »
Hallo! Kennt jemand eine Organisation in Argentinien,
-die mehrwöchige Freiwilligenarbeit anbietet,
-bei der man nicht noch draufzahlen muss
-die idealerweise Kost und Logit bietet
-die empfehlenswert ist
-und für die man sich mittel/kurzfristig (< 1/2 Jahr vorher) anmelden/bewerben kann?

Ich würde sehr gerne 1 Monat Volunteering machen, bei der Art der Tätigkeit bin ich relativ offen.

Wenn jemand schonmal positive Erfahrungen gemacht hat oder einen Ansprechpartner empfehlen kann, ich freue mich über jeden Tipp!

Danke, lg


« Antwort #1 am: 07. Januar 2012, 22:32 »

war die letzten 2 Tage auf dieser Estancia und da haben auch 3 Volunteers gearbeitet. Drauf gezahlt haben sie nix, ob sie was bekommen haben weiß ich nicht. War selber nur als Gast da.

Die Estancia liegt Mitten im Nirgendwo von Argentinien (bei Cordoba / La Cumbre). Dee Natur ringsrum ist wunderschön. Die Estancia selber ist nicht sehr groß und so viel gab es da für die Freiwilligen auch nicht zu tun. (Morgens und abens Tiere verpflegen und beim kochen helfen).

Sie haben da einige Pferde, Kühe, Zicken, Hund & Katze - alles auch mit Jungtieren. Als ich da war hatten alle Jungtiere eine Mutter, so dass diese nicht verpflegt werden mussten (hätte natürlich gerne ein Fohlen oder Zicklein mit der Flasche gefüttert).

Die Fahrt mit dem Taxi bis zum nächsten Ort ist anstrengend (schrechkliche Strasse) und teuer, d.h. so oft kann man da abends nicht in die Disko.

Transportation prices:
1 people : consult
2 people: 92,5 pesos argentinos each ( 185$ total)
3 people:  70 pesos argentinos each. (210$ total)
4 people:  60 pesos argentinos each. (240$ total)

Aber für Menschen die Natur und Ruhe lieben und nicht bis zur Erschöpfung arbeiten wollen, sicher perfekt.

Ich hatte es mir allerdings nach der Mail die ich vorher erhalten hatte etwas größer vorgestellt.

Ausschnitt aus der Mail, auch für die Interessant die mal auf einem argentinischen Bauernhof Urlaub machen wollen:

In the Estancia, we have two types of accommodation:
-First option, La Casa de Campo, is typical Estancia (Argentinian farm) accommodation; the second is a budget option,the Hostel Ranch

Estancia "Puesto Viejo" is a family business in full development. There are 775 hectars, ideal for horse riding and adventure activities, surrounded by more than 30 000 hectars of natural beauty, waterfalls and rivers, especially for the use of our guests.
We are situated less than 500 metres away from River San Gregorio, a river with pure and crystallin water, with natural pools for swimming between huge rocks and small beaches with incredible fine sand.

The attention you will receive is very personal.  The people who visit us, both in the Hostel and in Casa del Campo, are Argentinians and foreigners who love tranquility and also those who love adventure and countryside activities. During your stay here you will be in intimate contact with nature, and you will be immersed in the culture and traditions of rural Argentina.

Activities included:
Farming, where everyone can actively participate in the work on the farm, is a delight for both adults and children.
Activities: feeding the rabbits, milking the goats,help with feeding the baby goats, finding horses and cows, and many others. We teach the various aspects of the work involved in growing horses and training them for mountaineering work (learning to ride is only a small part of it).   
Everyone enjoys the countryside, playing with or watching the farm animals, immersing in the beauty of the mountains and the river.  In some places, the river forms natural springs which caress majestuous rocks and quite sand beaches. The beaches are ideal for playing, sunbathing or just reading in the shade of the trees, accompanied by the birds and the unique murmur of the river.

Optional Activities:

Adventure activities, horseriding, trekking, walking, rappell. All activities are guided by guides with more than ten years of experience, familiar with the nature and history of the place. The majority of activities are suitable for children, depending on age.


1- The "Casa de Campo", rooms with two, three or four beds, with private bath and full board, in the main house of the Estancia Puesto Viejo.

2- The "Hostel Ranch", affiliated to Hostelling International , is also situated on the farm, outside the main house, and offers dormitories as well as double, triple or quadruple rooms, with private or shared bath. 
Price: 50 Peso to  350 Peso

Prices include:
 - Accomodation
 - Breakfast ( not included in the promo)
 - Bed linen
Food in the Hostel type accomodation

Our guests can freely use the kitchen or the fireplace for cooking.
Basic foods such as home made bread, eggs, fresh farm milk, pasta, rice, sugar, salt, oil, etc., as well as drinks (fizzy drinks, mineral water, beer, wine) can be bought in the Estancia. 

Should you wish so, you can bring your own food, or ask us to buy things for you every 3-4 days when our truck is going to the village. Bringing the food you need costs only 3 pesos argentinos to help cover the cost of petrol for the truck. You can give your shopping list to the person that goes to the village, they will do the shopping for you and give you the shopping and the receipt upon their return to the Estancia. 
If you do not wish to cook
We only accept guests who contact us in advance to make a reservation. This applies without exception.

We do not accept credit cards, we prefer that you pay in cash at the end of their stay.

As we do not have a good Internet connection in the stay, we prefer that you make your reservation by phone, the phone number 03548 15566504. (from other countries please dial +54 9 3548 566504)
ATENTION: Please confirm your reservation 24 to 48 hours before arrival
How to get here:
By car it's better to print out the maps from the website ( clicking on "Hostel Ranch" or "Casa de Campo" and then another click on "Ubicacion" down on the left column and if is possible also print the following explanation).

If the car is low (does not have good ground clearance) come from San Marcos Sierra because the road is in much better condition than the one from La Cumbre-Rio Pinto
For who is coming by bus:
- From Buenos Aires bus station take the bus untill La Falda city and the best company known are El Practico, Urquiza and Plus Ultra (check and book)
- From Cordoba bus station take a  minibus of Sarmiento or Transierras (quickest) company  always untill La Falda city (check and book)
Transportation from La Falda bus station to the Estancia are  made by four wheel drive vehicles. We can bring you to the Estancia Puesto Viejo arranging our trips schedules into town with your arrival or you can come by your own means.

Transportation prices:

1 people : consult

2 people: 92,5 pesos argentinos each ( 185$ total)

3 people:  70 pesos argentinos each. (210$ total)

4 people:  60 pesos argentinos each. (240$ total)

We hope this email answered most of your questions and we would be delighted to hear from you.

With best wishes

Tel. Celular: 03548 15 584057   
Tel. Celular desde el exterior: +54 9 3548 584057


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