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« am: 13. Mai 2011, 16:52 »
Kann mir einer erklären was momentan in NYC los ist? Offenbar wurden dutzende Hostels per 13. Mai 2011 geschlossen, ohne Vorwarnung. Erst dachte ich nur es geht um meines (sie Mail unten), aber laut der Antwort von mussten sie viele Hostels aus dem Angebot nehmen. Dacht erst an Insektenbefall oder so, aber gleich so viele?

"This is to inform you that unfortunately we will not be able to permit your stay at our hostel. The Wanderer’s Inn West has been ordered to CLOSE (permanently) by the City of new York, effective on Friday May 13th, by 10 am sharp. We would need the next few days to dismantle the beds and clear all furniture out of the building. We regret to inform you on such short notice but it has been of no warning to us as well. Any web deposit made thru must be disputed directly with the site, please contact their customer service regarding refund. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may bring to your travel plans.
If you have any complaints or concerns please dial the NYC number 311 to make your voice heard."


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das ist dann wirklich mal ein Freitag der 13.  :-[

was genau jetzt los ist, k.a. aber vor einem jahr war schonmal ähnliches:

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